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One by one

Continuing from my last posting...now that I have uploaded my first item certainly does not mean I am done with it! I will be posting up new items, though I still need time to do this one by one, and until I get the hang of it, this will take time...

Meanwhile, many old time customers have reached out to me to order some new items lately, and I thank you all very much for doing so. It is so nice to hear from you, especially in this current situation and I am glad to know you are doing fine. It is a wonderful feeling to be back at my bench producing new works, and especially since I get to communicate with my friends and customers while we build something together. This part of the production of Papagena Studio's jewelry is something I truly love in doing what I do. To be able to find and build up together something beautiful and positive. Something, even though they are mostly tiny things( well that's what jewelries are), which gives us smiles and that little bit of energy we need to push ourselves forward....we can have more of that in this world, don't you agree?

The shipments overseas are slightly troubling and may take time, but I am willing to try to get things over, and hope things will be getting better in our near future in all aspects. Hopefully before then I can grow my collection and presence here, first in Japan, so that visitors would have some fun looking through our store!(so here is another reason I need to keep focus on uploading!)

In any case, please drop in any messages, advices anytime(especially on this online thing as I am quite a newbie) and helping hands(socially distanced or not) would always be much appreciated. Hope that we are looking forward to something much more heartwarming and beautiful in our future ahead. I believe we can find that together, and make things happen, one by one, just like the beautiful stones in my studio that are to be selected and posted on our shop soon!

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