Papagena Studio JEWELRY is an accessories and jewelry brand founded by Japanese designer Ryoko Makino. With a diverse selection of materials from beads, natural stones, buttons and ribbons from around the world, Papagena Studio's works are each unique and one-of-a-kind, carefully selected and designed to be happy, encouraging soulmates for the wonder woman bearers all around the globe.

Ryoko started making handmade accessories from her student years, experimenting with material and styles for her close friends, family and herself. Roots of her ancestral background of Japanese Painting artists and craftsmanship, along with work experiences both in the printing and art auction industries combined with her multi-cultural experiences and travels all influence deeply in her style. Over the years,  her works have been noticed by word of mouth and have gathered an audience who appreciate her selected styles and items worldwide.

Her style is organic, everchanging but simple and playful. Each work has its own story, and materials each picked from diverse markets across the globe and made with the designer's wish that it's future bearer will have with it, a spice of happiness in their everyday life.

The brand name "Papagena Studio" comes from "Papagena", a character in Mozart's famous opera, Magic Flute. She is the independant and carefree happy soul, enchanting, charmful and full of life, the ideal lady, the perfect partner, which the main character Papageno seeks for (and whom which he finds). For friends and families close to Ryoko, "Papagena" is a familiar name as it is the role which she played in an amateur students' opera performance, where which Ryoko met her future husband. It is a name precious and personal to her but also a magical name that calls out to the audience to ask what importance in life he/she desires. 

We aim to produce precious and loved little pieces of jewelry which will be your partner in your journey to find your own "Papagena", the charming spirit and happy soul every woman holds within. 




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